Like many people across the country, I have not been able to stop thinking about the massacre in Newtown. It has been the subject of endless conversation with my friends, many of them mothers, children grown, who cannot imagine what it must be like to send a child to school this morning. I kept remembering the feeling of holding a tiny hand in mine as my sons and I made our excited way to school every morning, the shared sense of anticipation, pride, joy. We trusted that our children were safe at school.

This weekend I took long walks through the city, unable to shake off visitations of dread and anxiety. All around me, people were joyfully preparing for the holidays--and I was, too. But terrible thoughts kept intruding, thoughts of all the families irreparably shattered, thoughts of presents that will go unopened. Lives that are closed.

Every year, Frances Palmer makes a Christmas ornament for Slow Love Life. We were going to skip this year--for no good reason at all. Too scattered and busy. Frances lives twenty minutes from Newtown; such a horror, so close to home.

We decided to do something in honor of the murdered children and the adults who died protecting them. So we are offering an ornament. It is a bell, and it looks to my eye like an angel, alighting.

All of the proceeds of the sale of these ornaments will go to a special fund set up to aid the families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School. And for those of you who want to support a political cause in honor of Newtown, our dear friend the Head Butler  suggests donations to The Brady Fund, a highly regarded campaign to end gun violence.



Suzanne said...


Karen Albert said...

Dear Dominique You and Francis (whose pottery I adore) are so extremely thoughtful! I know where my holiday money is going.

Love & Hugs,
Art by Karena
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Cat said...

Thank you.

Barbara said...

How lovely and fitting. Thank you for such a service and way to help the healing.

Sandy Donn said...

Dominique, is there writing inside of the bell? Because of a sticky situation I need to know what it might say before I purchase.

sarah robinson said...

Dominique, we just posted this gorgeous message on the Practically Green facebook page. And I ordered one of these angelic ornaments for our house. What a sweet and wonderful idea. Thank you and Frances.

DominiqueBrowning said...

Yes, each bell is signed by the artists, and is marked Slow Love Life (as we have done in other years.) Thanks for asking, I ought to have mentioned this.

courtney barnes said...


Thanks so much for your recent posts. They are beautifully expressed and prompted me to give to The Brady Fund in honor of Newtown and a loved one who is an elementary school principal. Of course, I'm also a big fan of Frances' work. This collaboration is wonderful.

Warm wishes for a peaceful 2013.

Courtney (aka style court)