A monochromatic winter. We are coaxed into appreciating beauty in shades of grey. Soon we will celebrate the clamor of spring. But I am surprised to find myself reluctant to leave the world of grisaille.

She followed her prey. We followed her, from afar. Her every movement is poetry.


Barry Leach said...

I love the monochrome of winter and this photograph sums it up. I live near a small lake known in the neighbourhood as the Duck Pond which has an attendant heron. Now there's a subtle layer of that heartbreakingly beautiful young green on the trees – it happens so quickly and lifts the spirits so much.

Karen Rand Anderson said...

Lovely sentiment for this chilly spring... thank you once again for your thoughtful posts and beautiful images, Dominique.

mary said...

She is so beautiful against the starkness of fleeting winter.

Jessie said...

My eyes are searching out color wherever I can find it -- the whisper of yellow on chilled forsythia, a cardinal resting on a branch, splashes of daffodils defying the forecast for snow, purple crocuses hiding amid winter debris, dark green leaves pushing up promising tulips are to follow, plum trees flowering against a protective wall.... The monochromatic winter holds no attraction or inspiration for me in late March. I want life and color and warmth!

jsbb said...

When the sun does come out, as today, the world is suddenly ablaze, and people find excuses to move outdoors. Although the snow in suburban Boston is still half a foot deep --lining stream beds and covering the rocks -- the bird song is slowly building, like the start of a Mahler symphony. It's very clear the sun will have its way.

Darlene said...

I love a grey day. It's like that now. White snow and grey sky through dark, bare tree branches. Monochromatic and peaceful.

William said...


These photographs make me realize how sad I am, each year, to see the end of winter.

There is a passage in 'A Moveable Feast' that sums up my feelings about winter in the city. "The city had accomodated itself to winter..........The trees were sculpture without their leaves when you were reconciled to them, and the winter winds blew across the surfaces of the ponds and the fountains blew in the bright light".

The monochromatic days of winter and the season of inward focus are good for the soul. I suppose I will survive spring when the magnolia and lilac trees start to bloom in the Conservatory Garden - they are not bad but no match for the darkest days of winter.

slowlovelife said...

Marvelous quote, and it is sending me back to the original. Exactly so: the reconciliation is what it takes, a simple acceptance. Like Jessie, above, I also crave bursts of color, but I feel I am taking that color in slowly now, as if I have to wake up gently to spring.

slowlovelife said...

exactly so

Petra said...

How do you take such consistently beautiful, evocative photos? A post about your technique would be very welcome. The use of light is always especially beautiful.

Ralph said...

funny, I find the monochrome, dark dreary, winter depressing, and downright depleting! Once an awhile a dark quiet day is welcome, but months of dreariness only contributes to sad moods and severe depression. Black, brown,and grey all drab and depressing colors....bad for the heart and soul of most humans.....unless you crave sadness.

Meredith Glazier said...

That looks like a Great Egret, not a crane.

Darlene said...

Looks like a white Brontosaurus, too.

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Randinho said...

Exactly. It's a great egret.