It is cherry blossom time in Manhattan's Central Park, but this year the magnolias in the Conservatory Garden are the stars of the spring shows. I have never seen such a thick profusion of the cup-like blossoms, perched upright, so ripe and luscious. Catch them before they bruise and rot.

Before we take another step though, just enjoy the sensation of rolling this name off your tongue: Magnolia x soulangeana. (soft g) Saucer Magnolia. Seriously one of the most sensual names I know.

Their colors are brilliant, the purples royal and the whites creamy. The noon sun beaming through the petals stains them nearly crimson. Some people feel these trees border on the vulgar, all that pink undoes them. I find them supremely and unabashedly gorgeous. But I am the first to admit that I am a sucker for divas. They always find a cheerful audience for their brilliant displays in me.

In the midday warmth the fragrance of these resplendent blossoms is intoxicating. I had to sit down and take a few deep breaths of perfume, my head spinning.

I'm sending photographs to all of you who cannot be in New York City now to stroll under the blossoms.

And I include a cherry, in honor of its eccentric, wizened ways. But for whatever reasons--of temperature, rains, feeding, or just mood: you know trees do have their little ways--Central Park's magnolias take the prize this year. 


karensandburg said...

these shots are amazing and very envy inducing for me. i too would stumble with amazement in their presence. as foot upon foot of snow piles up here in Boulder, you tease me with pictures of trees doing what they should be doing. my lovely plum trees, with hundreds of promising blooms and even some pale pink flowers, were shut down for the year with all this snow.

Donna Baker said...

So glad your spring is a good one. Yesterday, I had the air conditioner on and today, had to dig out the sweats as it is so cold. Our last freeze date is April 15, and yet, the next two nights are going to be freezing. I'm glad I haven't planted my vegetable garden yet nor emptied out my greenhouse.

Julie said...

I was just there yesterday afternoon, sorry I had forgotten my camera, so thanks for all the gorgeous pictures!! I wish I knew what the other flowering bushes and trees were, it was all heavenly. Looking forward to the lilacs next!

dterrydraw said...

".... But I am the first to admit that I am a sucker for divas. They always find a cheerful audience for their brilliant displays in me." -----D. Browning, 2013
Oh, Dominique,
I can't tell you what a relief it is to have just read your comment and, consequently, suddenly find myself unburdened of the niggling feeling that I owe you an apology.
Abashedly yours as ever,
David Terry
P.S. Weird experiences:
1. Making a new friend (I really do like and admire her) of Susan Wyler (the former food editor of "food & Wine Magazine", among many other admirable accomplishments. She recently told me that she mentioned me (in terms of "this fellow I've met in Hillsborough") to some yankee friend of hers (and editor, as I recall), who immediately said "I KNOW him....he writes responses on Dominique Browning's blog...."
I don't know what to think of that. I do know that my grandmother would have told me that someone is talking too much if he's drawing attention to himself rather than his hostess.
2. Sitting in this house (I'm staying with a longtime friend in Durham) last night and hearing "Oh, I love Dominique Browning's blog.....I used to buy H&G just for her column...for years, each month". I said "Oh, I love it, too....do you ever read the responses?".
"No," he said, before adding "Oh.....please tell me that you're not making nuisance of yourself?"

karenrand said...

Thanks so much for the stunning photos, Dominique... I just never seem to be able to get down to the city, so your city (and country) posts are always a joy. ;~)

Judith said...

Thanks for these photos, D. They were something to return to during our week o' terror here in Boston.

Anonymous said...

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Brenda said...

Thank you!

Anon said...

Why I do declare Mr. David Terry your grandmother was correct - you are a cad and a bounder of the highest order! I thank you to fetch my petticoat and my coachman. Good day, sir!

dterrydraw said...

Hmmm......well, I hope that you'll forgive my disinclination to to spend too much time wondering why anyone would publicly suggest that her discarded/lost petticoats and coachman have (for some reason probably best left unspecified) been left in the same fetching-place. (The previous was not a question, by the way; let's NOT lower the tone of Miss Browning's blog by dwelling any further on this topic of underwear and underlings. Advisedly yrs as ever, D. Terry

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