This is one of the most important petitions we have sent out from Moms Clean Air Force; if you are so inclined, please do sign and pass along. Longtime readers of Slow Love Life know that "Moms" started with a huge campaign to support strong regulations against mercury emissions coming from coal-fired power plants. That regulation passed--with support from Republicans and Democrats. But now it is tied up in cynical lawsuits brought by large, polluting utilities--using ratepayer dollars--that will go on for years.

Mercury is a terrible neurotoxin and especially harmful to fetal health--and to the developing brains of babies and toddlers. It doesn't belong in our air, our water, or our food. But that's where it is. And that's why pregnant women are told not to eat tuna fish. Grilling season is upon us. But I'm not eating swordfish or tuna--large, fatty fish are especially contaminated--because even though adults can handle a higher mercury burden, I don't need or want more toxins in my system. Please do sign on. 

And many, many thanks as always for your support. 


Donna Shaw said...

I will sign Dominique. It takes people with a forum or large following to speak up against the corporations and politicians. I think the word is finally getting out about Monsanto, but Jim Inhofe is hinting that he will run again. He is front and center in the mercury fight and in fact, will fight for anyone whom lines his pockets. Thank you for caring.

Heather in Arles said...

Dominique, I know that we are a tiny margin but there is no possibility on the petition for those of us that are living overseas to sign. I certainly agree with you, having seen heavy mercury pollution in the French Amazon and support your efforts whole-heartedly!

Judith said...

Signed and shared. So grateful for Moms Clean Air Force.

Judith said...

And looking forward to reading your review of gardening books in the NY Times this weekend.

William said...

"And that's why pregnant women are told not to eat tuna fish. Grilling season is upon us. I'm not eating swordfish or tuna--large, fatty fish are especially contaminated"

Dominique, is there something you are trying to tell us? Maybe a little 'late-in-life' something in the oven after a night of crazy drinking?

slowlovelife said...

Sadly, we can't take names from overseas because our petitions are generally aimed at the US government. However, mercury is such a huge problem globally--I would urge you to contact local officials!

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