Dear Readers of Slow Love Life,

One of the most fulfilling things I have ever done is to open an entirely new chapter in my work life, as some of you know. And, as in many acts of creation, I have no idea how to do what I'm doing, but I have a goal firmly in mind: to end the air pollution--both indoors and out--that is jeopardizing our health.

I wanted to send you all the letter I wrote to members of Moms Clean Air Force. I've never been in the fund-raising business before--for my own work. I was happy to raise money for botanical gardens and AIDS events; and even happy to help raise money from advertisers for magazine pages! So this all feels a bit awkward to me. But I'm compelled by the urgency of our cause.

We are gambling with our future. I'll keep sounding the alarms, and keep sending out ways we can solve these problems. I'd love you all to join in our cause. What we need most of all are your voices. But your dollars are needed too. Right now, one of our generous donors is matching ALL gifts, no matter how small or large. Let's take advantage of this.

Happy holidays to all.

Here's the pitch! And for the many of you who have already jumped in to help us, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks—And Please

I could not be prouder of you. The 200,000 moms and dads, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of Moms Clean Air Force have united in strength to address the urgent air pollution problems that affect the health of our families.
We are closing out our second full year of operations, and we have terrific accomplishments to share. We don’t spend the year asking you for donations—because the most important thing we ask of you is your participation as citizens. We want your voices, and your hearts. But we need money to keep doing our work.

And to inspire donations, one of our donors will match your gift $2-for-$1—up to December 31st, 2013.
Two years ago Moms Clean Air Force was a twinkle in our eyes. Last year, we became a thorn in some peoples’ sides! We found our voices, and used our influence to clean up our air:
·       We turned out in strong numbers across the country to visit political representatives.
·       We marched in Stroller Brigades to support stronger toxic chemical laws.
·       We testified at hearings on how our changing climate is affecting us at home.
·       We demanded more renewable energy from our utilities. 
     We explained to countless parents and politicians how soot is harming our children’s lungs, and how mercury is harming our children’s brains.
·       We are forging partnerships with children’s hospitals and school nurses. 

And we have sent hundreds of thousands of petition signatures to Capitol Hill, and used heavy barrages of social media messages to influence decisions on climate, on clean air rules, and on toxic chemical regulations.

Together, we have accomplished a great deal. Please support our future with your donation—and take advantage of our marvelous donor’s matching gift offer.
There is still a huge amount of work ahead. The EPA’s release of new rules to regulate carbon pollution from coal plants will trigger a firestorm of opposition—even though the best of the utilities know these regulations are much-needed, and many are already cleaning up their emissions.

We are a small—but scrappy!—program. I can promise that we will honor your donations by using them wisely.

And remember: Tell Washington: Listen to your Mothers!
Thank you for your support,

Dominique Browning
Co-Founder and Senior Director, Moms Clean Air Force
P.S. Our generous donor’s matching gift offer is only good until December 31.

Please take advantage of this special offer by donating today.


William said...


Links to your NY Times book recommendations and donation requests for Moms Clean Air Force are great, but what happened to the 'Conversation' component of the 'A Conversation With Dominique Browning' blog?

joanna said...

Just a question....how much of the donations go to administration costs, salaries ect??

Joanna said...

How much of the donations that are taken in go to administrative costs, salaries ect.??

SlowLoveLifeDominique said...

I've been quiet, for many reasons, William, and have asked everyone's forbearance a while longer. We will converse. But maybe I'll remove that label. I hate to feel obligated to talk when I don't want to do so.

SlowLoveLifeDominique said...

I've never parsed that out, Joanna; I'm not even sure how I would do so. We don't have administrative costs, as I am the administrator, and we have no overhead to speak of, as we all work from home, but of course funding pays our salaries, running our website, bloggers fees, the costs of writing, designing and printing hand-outs and other materials to help people understand everything from natural gas and air pollution to mercury in our food, our travel to hearings and rallies; all the work we do goes straight into our activist work for clean air. Please do check out our website. And thanks for asking.

Karensandburg said...

Excellent response.

William said...

I would say it's an 'ok' response. I believe, secretly, Dominique wants to say "Thank you, William, for pointing out that I have been neglecting my little blog family". :)

Joanna said...

I Only inquired because people are becoming increasingly irritated when they find out that the causes they are contributing to end up giveing only a small amount to the cause. For years i gave to to the Komen Fund for Breast cancer research as my sister and friend succumbed to breast cancer, but, i am soured on that now, only 20% was going to research the rest was admin costs and CEOs making millions. Really, I think there was even an investigation into it. I have since found other breast cancer research funds that I give too. Your answer will allay a lot of fears, and that's good for MOM'S!

Karensandburg said...

"My little blog family" - cute. (And I know how much you like being called cute.)