It's a Wonderful Life

I’ve just published a new children’s book, with Maya Ajmera. The story of how this project was born is one of those lovely kismet moments that make life so interesting. I gave a talk about our work at Moms Clean Air Force in Washington DC to a group of friends of friends. At some point, I mentioned that I wanted to write a children’s book about air—as there was nothing on the market to introduce our smallest citizens to something so necessary and invisible.

Maya Ajmera, the founder of the Global Fund for Children, was in the audience. “I can make that happen!” she said. And how. Maya is the author of more than twenty books for children—and a force of nature in her own right. We went to work. Our marvelous creative director at Moms Clean Air Force, Kate Caprari, rolled up her sleeves. We used photographs to illustrate the book, as pictures are always fascinating to young children. And Julianne Moore gave us a spirited foreword.

Every Breath We Take is the result. It is meant to be read to children ages 4 to 7—though it is a great starting point for teaching older children about air, air pollution, and climate change. We hope you love this book as much as we do. Breathe deep—and read! 

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